Cream shopper style woven leather luxury bag. Handmade in Italy

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Ranging from boho chic crossbody bags to luxury handmade woven leather bags, Artementae’s collections transcend trends and elevate personal style to an artform.
All items are hand made by highly skilled artisans from start to finish and therefore available in limited quantities, the most elaborate and exclusive bags are made to order only and can be personalised.
Boho chic bag with leather fringe. Red, blue and orange design on a cream base.

Boho chic bags

An exquisite collection of crocheted boho chic bags for the modern and well travelled woman.
This collection includes cross-body bags in a perfect boho chic style and beautiful weekend, beach and holiday bucket bags. Entirely hand-made by some of the world's top artisans.

Woven Leather Bags

Made in Italy from start to finish our luxury woven leather bags have been hand crafted to perfection. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and styles including cross-body, shopper and bucket bags.
Some of our handbags are immediately available for delivery while others are made to order only. All our woven leather bags can be personalised to create a masterpiece that will be treasured for a lifetime.
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