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Style: Bucket bag / Cross-body bag

One of Mexico’s largest ports with a rich history, Veracruz was founded by Hernán Cortés whilst in search for gold in the region. Today, the city is famous for its beautiful beaches and celebratory Carnivals. Moreover, Veracruz is home to gorgeous greenery, with hidden waterfalls and enchanting forests. In a yellow floral design crocheted into the fabric, the Veracruz bag represents bright and vibrant qualities of the city which makes it so special.

The monochromatic yet radiant colourway of the bag makes for a timeless piece and at Artementae, we believe everything should be made to be kept forever. Fastened in adjustable tassels, Veracruz is utterly hand-made, any imperfections celebrate the craftsmanship of the artisans, giving this bag it’s own story. With an individualistic design underneath and carefully crocheted matching strap, the quality of our bags have been thought-out from top to bottom, timely crotched in a way that the bag’s unique exterior, mirrors the interior. This bag uses  fibres.

Bag size: 23cm x 30cm

Composition: 80% cotton, 20% synthetic.

Strap length: 74cm.

Care: Dry clean only to preserve colours.

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