Luxury celebrates fine attention to detail, true originality, exclusivity and most importantly, quality. This is something we treasure at Artementae. Our Italian bags have been hand-crafted to perfection using the high-quality, buttery soft yet resistant calfskin leather by the incredible, Andrea Ribichini. Being a third-generation from a family of artisans, Andrea has created bags for some of the most luxurious fashion houses worldwide. Growing up watching his father, Giuseppe, experiment with different textures of leather and techniques, Andrea found a passion for the craft himself. “I still remember when he had the idea of cutting leather in strips to then woven the strips together. Everybody thought he was crazy.” Andrea carries his father’s innovative technique through to his work today, creating flawless, intricate fashion pieces using the highest quality leather that will last a lifetime. Made from his own two hands, each bag can take between one to six days to make, as Andrea takes pride in that no two bags are truly the same, each with their own personality. Lined in high-quality twill cotton with internal pockets, gold zips and details, Andrea Ribichini bags represent true Italian craftsmanship.

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